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On road staff

Paramedics treating a patientEmergency personnel who work ‘on-the-road’ include paramedics, intensive care paramedics (ICPs), extended care paramedics (ECPs), rescue paramedics and volunteer ambulance officers.

Once qualified, a paramedic can apply for the Intensive Care Paramedic Program. This program provides approximately 12 months of further theoretical and practical study, plus an internship. They are qualified to administer advanced emergency procedures.

The Intensive Care Paramedic Program was introduced in South Australia to advance the clinical skills of our paramedics and to provide a higher standard of clinical care to the South Australian community.

They attend both emergency (life-threatening) and non-emergency cases and work within guidelines that assist them in applying the most appropriate treatment to patients. 

ECPs are SA Ambulance Service's most highly trained clinicians. They are ICPs with additional training which allows them to assess and treat patients in their homes without necessarily having to attend a hospital emergency department. 

A team of clinical support officers, who are also trained paramedics, provide clinical training and development for all on-road SA Ambulance Service staff. Regular training and reaccreditation of skills ensures our paramedics and ambulance officers are well equipped to provide the highest level of patient care.

Whilst our paramedics and ambulance officers do attend cases such as heart attacks, drug overdoses and vehicle crashes, they respond to a significantly higher number of patients with medical conditions such as respiratory problems and general unwellness. Their role is also one of health promotion and prevention.

Most cases attended by paramedics and ambulance officers are in people’s homes.

SA Ambulance Service also has a Special Operations Team (SOT) of rescue paramedics who are trained in high-risk search and rescue procedures including water rescues, cliff rescues and confined space extractions. They work closely with other emergency services including SA Police, Metropolitan Fire Service, Country Fire Service and the State Emergency Service.

Find out more about how to become a member of the SA Ambulance Service team.

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