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Emergency Operations Centre

This is where the patient journey starts. The Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) houses around 15 patient services staff at any one time including emergency medical dispatch support officers (EMDSOs), who answer triple zero (000) calls, and emergency medical dispatchers, who coordinate the state’s ambulance resources, including the rescue helicopters.

SA Ambulance Service works closely with the Royal Flying Doctors Service to coordinate medical assistance in rural and remote areas in South Australia.

The EOC also supports:

  • the South Australian Incident Management System (AIMS) on behalf of the SA Health
  • Mental Health triage service, as part of a joint initiative with Mental Health, where specialised nurses provide a centralised triage service for mental health patients.

An incident management room is on standby to be opened at any time there in a major incident – such as a major fires, hazardous material spills and mass casualty incidents. This is where our tactical operational response to any major incident is coordinated.

SA Ambulance Service is an integral player in the management of all major incidents in South Australia.

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