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Ambulance Cover Extras

Ambulance Cover Extras

Most private health insurance policies only cover you for the cost of emergency attendance and/or transport by SA Ambulance Service. But what about non-emergency transport by ambulance?

Many illnesses or injuries require additional patient transportation which are classified as ‘non-emergency’. For example, for tests, ongoing treatment or transfer to another hospital.

In fact, around a third of all ambulance transportation performed by SA Ambulance Service is classified as non-emergency.

Non-emergency transport fees start at $233.00. With Ambulance Covers Extras, for as little as $23.20 per year you’ll be fully covered.

For more information please download the Ambulance Cover Extras Brochure.

Ambulance Cover Extras Cost

Ambulance Cover Extra (ACE) is intended for customers who are covered for emergency transport via their private health fund. 


Standard Non-Emergency cover

Standard plus interstate non-emergency cover

ACE Family



ACE Single



Joining Ambulance Cover Extras is easy

General enquiries. Email or call our Customer Service Centre on 1300 13 62 72.


Mail. Download the application form and mail this to us with your credit card details, money order or cheque. Applications must be sent to:

Ambulance Cover
GPO Box 3
South Australia 5001


Pay in person.Download the application form and use POST billpay at your nearest Post Office, pay at any pharmacy where you see the Ambulance Cover sign or come into our Head Office at 216 Greenhill Road, Eastwood.


Pay online. Select 'Pay my Bill' for information on how to renew your existing Ambulance Cover subscription.

Ambulance Cover Terms & Conditions

From time to time there may be minor modifications to the Rules that do not justify sending all members a new copy.

For a complete copy of the ACE Terms and Conditions please follow the link, Ambulance Extras Cover Terms and Conditions (as at 1 August 2020).



I have emergency ambulance transport cover with my private health fund, is ACE cover all I need?


If you have emergency cover with a private health fund, you may not require full Ambulance Cover with SA Ambulance Service.  Check first if you are assured emergency cover with your private health fund and only require cover for non-emergency transport. 


ACE cover works in conjunction with your private health fund, should you or your family ever require an ambulance at any time, day or night, it won’t cost you a cent.  If you receive an account for an emergency transport, you will need to submit the account to your private health fund for payment.  In the event that you use a non-emergency ambulance in South Australia you will be covered by the ACE membership.

If your private health fund does not cover you fully for all emergency transport we suggest you take out full Ambulance Cover.




When do the benefits commence?

For ACE memberships Ambulance Cover for non-emergency transport commences two months after joining.



The following definitions apply to all Ambulance Cover products unless specified otherwise:

Emergency transport means:

   a medical emergency exists or is believed to exist.

   an accident/incident/episode has occurred where medical care and/or transport is believed to be urgently required; or

   ambulance attendance is urgently required as a result of an unplanned illness or injury.


Non-emergency transport means a pre-arranged booking for ambulance services for a transfer to or from a hospital, nursing home, residence, or other place in order to receive medical treatment and is Clinically Necessary as authorised by an appropriate Health Professional (see definition below).

Clinically Necessary is determined by an appropriate Health Professional and the primary reason for transport is medical need ie the patient requires either stretcher transport, clinical care or clinical supervision en route. The decision must consider whether the patient is able to travel by other means (ie private vehicle, taxi, public transport, commercial airline etc.) A Health Professional is deemed as one of the following:

   A registered medical practitioner involved in the patients current episode of care.

   A registered nurse involved in the patients current episode of care.

   A person determined under section 3 of the Mental Health Act 2009 to be a mental health clinician involved in the patients current episode of care; or

   SAAS clinical staff and/or authorised staff of the SAAS Emergency Operations Centre;


Who can be covered under a family membership?

Family Cover entitles benefits to the primary subscriber named on the ACE Ambulance Cover Subscription Card and their dependants. 

Dependants for the purpose of being covered by Ambulance cover in respect of a subscriber includes the following:

     The subscriber’s partner, including legal or de-facto partner, whether of the opposite or same sex, and residing with the subscriber within SAAS operational boundaries.

     All children (under the age of 18 years) of the subscriber and/or their partner, whether the natural child of the subscriber and/or their partner, or adopted, or a foster child, or any child in respect of which the subscriber and/or their partner is responsible for the primary care of that child. Proof of guardianship may be requested.

     Students of the subscriber and/or their partner engaged in full-time study at a secondary or tertiary educational institution, provided that they are single and dependant upon the subscriber and are under the age of 25.

     Students of the subscriber and/or their partner engaged in full-time study that have an SA city semester address for the purpose of attending study, will be deemed to reside with the primary subscriber who is deemed a country resident residing within SAAS Operational Boundaries.

     Students residing interstate (outside of SA borders or SAAS Operational boundaries) for the purpose of study are not considered dependants and will not be covered by the Family Cover Policy. It is recommended that cover is sought in the state of residence. 


Am I covered interstate for non-emergency transport?

The cost of ambulance services is not covered if you require ambulance transport while visiting interstate or overseas. You will not be covered for any services provided by an ambulance service of another jurisdiction within Australia or overseas. Private Health insurance or travel insurance is recommended before undertaking any travel.


What are the benefits?

Once you are covered, you will not have to pay the cost of non- emergency ambulance transport:

   if the service is provided by SAAS.

   for Non-Emergency Transports (see definition provided).

   where on-going Non-Emergency Transport is required, the appropriate Health Professional’s written authorisation must be provided to SAAS. Such authorisation is valid for a maximum period of one month, after which it must be renewed.

   SAAS directs or requests another person to provide the service; or

   after a request by the subscriber, SAAS, at its sole discretion, agrees in writing prior to the transport date that another person may provide the service, and that person is recognised under Part 6 of the Health Care Act 2008 (SA).

   if all services are Clinically Necessary as determined by an appropriate Health Professional.

ACE is intended for permanent SA residents of South Australia. (Note definition of SA Residents). Non-South Australian residents may join ACE at the discretion of SAAS.

How could I lose my Cover?




When should I pay?

ACE is payable in advance and is not refundable in part or in full.

When changing from Single to Family status, or from ACE to Ambulance Cover, you are only required to meet the difference between the two rates pro-rata, until the date of the next renewal.

It is the responsibility of the primary subscriber to ensure renewal of the subscription by the expiry date, whether a reminder notice is received or not.


Am I entitled to a pension discount?

A pension concession fee does not apply to ACE Ambulance Cover.


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