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Ambulance Cover

Ambulance Cover


South Australians who travel regularly interstate or would like interstate coverage will be able to purchase it for just $1.25 per month following the launch of a new tiered scheme.  

SA Ambulance Service has introduced two tiers of cover to provide members with greater control over the level of security they need. 

Standard Ambulance Cover will continue to include all ambulance attendance within South Australia, with interstate coverage available for an additional $15 per year or $30 for those on family plans.  


Approximately 304,000 South Australians subscribe to Ambulance Cover which offers four membership plans for singles, pensioner singles, families and pensioner families. 

Following the proposed removal of interstate coverage in April, an independent review of the scheme was brought forward in response to community concerns. . 

A tiered pricing system was identified as an appropriate option to cater for members who need nationwide cover. 

The tiered scheme will apply to all new memberships and renewals issued from 1 November, 2016. 

If a renewal notice is issued before 1 November, 2016, that member has the option to sign up to the old Ambulance Cover terms and conditions.  

Further information about the changes is available at: NEW Tiered Ambulance Cover FAQ’s.

Quotes attributable to SA Ambulance Service CEO Jason Killens  

You cannot predict when or where; you or your loved ones will need an ambulance, so it is critical that our Ambulance Cover scheme offers members peace of mind should they be involved in an emergency.  

Ambulance Cover is great value for money for the one-third of South Australians who have a single or family Ambulance Cover subscription.  

SA Ambulance will continue to review the long term subscription options for our Ambulance Cover scheme; to provide a sustainable and high quality cover for all South Australians.  

There’s no way anyone can know when they or their loved ones may need an ambulance. The last thing you should ever do is make a decision about your medical condition based on finances.

We encourage all South Australians to take out Ambulance Cover. From around 30c per day, you can be fully covered.

Ambulance costs are not covered by Medicare and even if you have private health insurance, your policy may not cover the cost of an ambulance. Many private health insurance schemes only cover you and your family for emergency ambulance services. Many illnesses or injuries require additional patient transportation which are classified as ‘non-emergency’ (e.g. for tests, ongoing treatment or transfer to another hospital).

We strongly recommend checking with your private health insurance provider to find out if you are covered for ambulance transport and if so, your level of cover.

SA Ambulance Service will always assist all patients and provide them with the highest quality clinical and patient care. Having Ambulance Cover provides peace of mind and removes the financial concerns.

The cost of an emergency ambulance is generally around $600 - $900. If you are covered with SA Ambulance Service, you won’t have to pay a cent if:

  • the service is provided by SAAS, or
  • the ambulance transport originates in another State or Territory and is provided by a recognised Interstate ambulance service, or

for a transport service originating in South Australia, if:

  • SAAS directs or requests another person to provide non-emergency ambulance services, or
  • after a request by the subscriber, SAAS, at its sole discretion, agrees in writing prior to the transport date that another person may provide the service, and that person is recognised under Part 6 of the Health Care Act 2008 (SA).

Joining Ambulance Cover is easy

Ambulance Cover Rates

Pensioner Single
Pensioner Family

General enquiries. Email or call our Customer Service Centre on 1300 13 62 72.


Mail. Download the application form and mail this to us with your credit card details, money order or cheque. Applications must be sent to:

Ambulance Cover
GPO Box 3
South Australia 5001


Pay in person. Download the application form and use POST billpay at your nearest Post Office, pay at any pharmacy where you see the Ambulance Cover sign or come into our Head Office at 216 Greenhill Road, Eastwood.


Pay online. Select 'Pay my Bill' for information on how to renew your existing Ambulance Cover subscription.

Join online. Click here to join up today.




Ambulance Cover Terms & Conditions

From time to time there may be minor modifications to the Rules that do not justify sending all members a new copy. A current set of Rules, including all modifications, is available for inspection by any member during normal business hours at SA Ambulance Service Head Office, or by following the links provided above. Alternatively, a copy will be sent to any member free of charge upon request.

Ambulance Cover Terms and Conditions as at 1 August 2015.

Ambulance Cover Terms and Conditions are available in alternative formats like Braille, AUSLAN and large print. Please contact the SAAS Customer Service Centre on 1300 136 272. 

2016/17 COST
Single Pensioner
Family Pensioner
Ace Single
Ace Family


Why are we now charging for interstate cover?

Following the proposed removal of interstate coverage in April; an independent review of the scheme was undertaken in response to community concerns. A tiered pricing system was identified as the most appropriate option to cater for members who need nationwide cover.

These changes to the terms and conditions were made following a regular review of South Australian Ambulance Cover, to ensure SA Ambulance (SAAS) continues to offer a high-quality, sustainable product for South Australians.

Choosing a level of cover with interstate coverage will cost individuals an extra $15 and families an extra $30 per year.


So what does Ambulance Cover now include?

Standard Ambulance Cover will continue to include all ambulance attendance within South Australia for permanent SA residents (current qualifications still apply).

The qualifying Period for Ambulance Cover commences on the day after the date of joining for emergency transports and two months after the date of joining for non-emergency transports.


What does the interstate coverage include?

It adds the same level of interstate coverage as your South Australian membership.

If you have standard ambulance cover, it will cover you for all ambulance attendances Australia wide. If you have ACE ‘Ambulance Cover Extras’, it will cover you for non-emergency ambulance transports Australia wide.


How did SAAS come up with the cost for interstate coverage?

This fee has been determined in order to offset the charges to SAAS by Interstate Ambulance Services.


How does this affect Ambulance Cover Extras?

Interstate coverage only covers non-emergency transfers, in line with your local coverage.

We encourage all of our members who also have private health cover to review their policy to determine what level of Ambulance Cover best suits their needs.


When will these changes take place?

From 1 November 2016, the standard SAAS Ambulance Cover will no longer cover the cost of ambulance attendance and/or transport that is provided for members who are interstate.

Current SAAS Ambulance Cover members are covered under the existing terms and conditions until they renew their Ambulance Cover on or after 1 November 2016. This will be a phased approach which will change as renewals come up.

For new members who sign up to SAAS Ambulance Cover on or after 1 November 2016, the new terms and conditions will apply.

If you have received a copy of the current terms and conditions along with your renewal, that is what you are covered for if you choose to renew your membership.


What if my renewal is due after November 1 but I want to process it before 1 November?

We will renew your membership, but will change the expiry date on your existing cover to one year from the date of renewal.


Why do other states not have to pay more for interstate cover?

Each jurisdiction in Australia operates a different fee structure and funding model. South Australia, as with some other states and territories in Australia, operates a user-pays ambulance service. There is also variation in the reciprocal arrangements each state and territory applies.


Why should I continue to have ambulance cover?

Ambulance costs are not covered by Medicare and even if you have private health insurance, your policy may not cover the cost of an ambulance. Many private health insurance schemes only cover you and your family for emergency ambulance services. Many illnesses or injuries require additional patient transportation which are classified as ‘non-emergency’ (e.g. for tests, ongoing treatment or transfer to another hospital).


I have emergency cover with my private health fund, do I need full Ambulance Cover with SA Ambulance Service?

If you have emergency cover with a private health fund, you may not require full Ambulance Cover with SA Ambulance Service. Ambulance Cover Extras, a non-emergency cover may be all you need. We encourage all members with private health insurance to check the level of ambulance cover that it provides.


I treat my Ambulance Cover membership as a donation to the organisation. Can I continue to support SAAS in another way if I decide I no longer need Ambulance Cover?

If your private health offers you adequate coverage but you still want to support SAAS, you can make a tax deductible donation.

Your generous donation to SA Ambulance Service will assist us in many ways - from buying specialised equipment to broadening our training programs. Every bit counts when it comes to providing the best ambulance service in the country.

  • Cheque or money order - SA Ambulance Service, GPO Box 3, Adelaide SA 5001
  • Visit head office - 216 Greenhill Road, Eastwood SA 5063

For more information on the changes to Ambulance Cover:

Please visit Or email our Customer Service Centre at



What sort of cover do I need?


Single Cover

Single cover entitles benefits to the person whose name appears on the Ambulance Cover Membership Card.

Note: Ambulance Cover is intended for permanent residents within South Australia. Non-South Australian residents may join Ambulance Cover at the discretion of SA Ambulance Service.

Family Cover

Family Cover entitles benefits to the primary member named on the Ambulance Cover Membership Card and, subject to the conditions set out below, to their spouse or co-habiting partner, their children or legal dependants under the age of 18, and any children or legal dependants they may have between the ages of 18 and 25 who are full-time students and residing at home.

Family Cover is provided on the following basis:

  • A non-student dependant who turns 18, or a student dependant who turns 25, during a membership year is still covered for the remainder of that membership year. To continue cover, a new single membership must be taken out at the end of the relevant membership year.
  • In relation to student dependants, a current student ID card must be provided at the time of applying for membership or post transport for confirmation of student status.
  • It is the responsibility of the primary member to ensure up-to-date membership details are maintained for all members who are included in their Family Cover Policy.
  • If a person other than the primary member wishes to change the membership details of a member of a Family Cover Policy (other than themselves), they must provide written proof that they are the legal guardian or otherwise have authority to change the membership details of that person.
  • The primary member may notify SA Ambulance Service of the death of a member included in their Family Cover Policy by contacting the Customer Service Centre by email, fax or in writing. A person other than the primary member may only notify SA Ambulance Service of the death of a member in writing.
  • The primary member has one month to notify SA Ambulance Service of the birth of another child to be included in their Family Cover Policy (at this point their membership will be updated to include the child or singles must upgrade to Family Cover). The baby will be covered for one month to allow time to advise the Customer Service Centre by email, fax or in writing.
  • All members must reside with the primary member to be covered under a Family Cover Policy. Where a country student has a city semester address for the purpose of attending study, they will be deemed to reside with the primary member for the purpose of their Family Cover Policy.
  • Students residing interstate for the purpose of study will not be covered by the Family Cover Policy. It is recommended that cover is sought in the state of residence.
  • If a legal dependant or child of the primary member has their own dependants, those dependants will not be covered under the primary member’s Family Cover Policy, regardless of their residence. In these circumstances, the legal dependant or child must have their own Ambulance Cover Policy for their dependants to be covered.

Pension Single Cover


Pensioner Cover is Ambulance Cover which is provided to pensioners at a discount. A pensioner concession card must be provided at the time of applying for membership to obtain Pensioner cover.


When do the benefits commence?

For accidents or emergency cases, Ambulance Cover commences the day after joining. For non-emergency cases, Ambulance Cover commences two months after joining.


How could I lose my Cover?

You could lose your Ambulance Cover

  • by not renewing your subscription by the due date.

Note: You are not covered for the cost of ambulance transport whilst your subscription is overdue and unpaid

  • by SAAS cancelling your subscription, without refund, if you or anyone under your Cover:
    • provide false of misleading information on your application, or on renewal
    • engage in activity with the purpose or effect of defrauding SAAS
    • initiate nuisance call-outs or in any other way misuse the ambulance transport service
    • act in a violent or threatening way to SAAS staff, SAAS’s agents, or any other person in the course of an ambulance transport.


When should I pay?

Ambulance Cover is payable in advance and is not refundable in part or in full.

When changing from Single to Family status, or from ACE to Ambulance Cover, you are only required to meet the difference between the two rates pro-rata, until the date of the next renewal.

It is the responsibility of the primary subscriber to ensure renewal of the subscription by the expiry date, whether a reminder notice is received or not.


What’s in the fine print?

SAAS reserves the right to:

  • vary Ambulance Cover fees and the terms and conditions of subscription, at any time, without prior notice, in relation to subsequent subscription periods
  • seek written advice that any spouse, partner, child or dependants for whom benefits are sought, qualify under the terms and conditions of this cover
  • invoice the member for ambulance transport charges where the conditions of the subscription have been breached
  • not provide a service during riots, or civil commotion
  • prohibit/cancel cover for any subscriber who is not normally a resident of South Australia, or who abuses their Ambulance Cover through misuse of the services, or who fails to renew their subscription by the due date, or who breaches the conditions of the subscription
  • prioritise services in accordance with demand and available resources
  • not provide, or cancel, a service to a subscriber who is violent or otherwise poses a risk to other persons including SAAS officers.

Service responses and transport classifications will be determined by SAAS in its discretion in accordance with SAAS operating criteria.


Your Privacy

SAAS collects and holds personal information that is provided by you on your application form when you join as a subscriber.

We need this information to make sure that your subscription details are correct and to contact you when necessary. Without this information, we may not be able to process (and therefore may reject) your application to be a subscriber.

You may seek access to the personal information held about you by SAAS at any time (although some requests may be denied in certain circumstances). You may advise us if you believe this information is inaccurate or incomplete, and we will make any amendments we consider necessary.

We may from time to time send you information about the SAAS and our services. Unless you request otherwise, you authorise us to send you this information. If you do not want to receive this information, or if you wish to change any of your personal information, you may instruct us by contacting our Customer Service Centre on 1300 13 62 72.

SAAS will only disclose your personal information to a third party where such disclosure is permitted in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Privacy Act) and our Privacy Policy, including where:

  1. you have expressly or impliedly consented to the disclosure
  2. staff disclosing the information believe on reasonable grounds that the disclosure is necessary to prevent or lessen a serious and imminent threat to life or health to you or to some other person; or
  3. the disclosure is authorised by or under law
  4. the disclosure is to agents or contractors that provide contracted services to SAAS (subject to privacy obligations)
  5. the disclosure is reasonably necessary for the enforcement of the criminal law or of a law imposing a pecuniary penalty or for the protection of the public revenue or for the interests of the government, statutory authority or statutory office holder as an employer.

Before providing us with any details about another individual, you must ensure that the individual is aware of:

  1. the proposed disclosure of their information to us and the purposes for which the information is collected and used by us
  2. the individual’s ability to request access to the information that we
  3. hold about them under the Privacy Act and to advise us if they think the information is inaccurate, incomplete or out of date.

Full details of SAAS’s privacy practices regarding personal information are set out in its Privacy Policy. To request a copy of the Privacy Policy, please contact our Customer Service Centre.

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