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Call Direct

Call Direct


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Call Direct is a 24-hour emergency monitoring service provided by SA Ambulance Service.

It is the only system of its kind in Australia that connects you directly to the ambulance service at the touch of a button.

Simply pressing the red button on your Call Direct unit or pendant will connect you directly to SA Ambulance Service. The same communications staff who handle emergency triple zero (000) ambulance calls answer these calls without delay.

They can communicate with you through the built-in microphone and speaker in your Call Direct unit and they will send an ambulance if necessary.

SAAS Emergency Operations Centre staff have access to your personal and medical information on their computer screens. They know where you are and how to quickly access your home if you are unable to open your door. These details are relayed to the attending paramedics on their way to help you.

Who is it for?

Call Direct is ideal for:

  • elderly people living on their own, whether fit and healthy or infirm
  • people convalescing after an illness or accident or those recently discharged from hospital
  • people who are permanently or temporarily disabled
  • families with members suffering from an illness, e.g. acute asthma, epilepsy, diabetes or cardiac problems
  • anyone at risk of suffering a medical emergency in their home.

Call Direct helps people maintain their independence and continue living in their own home with the security that medical assistance is available at the touch of a button.


You can choose to rent or buy the Call Direct equipment. This fee includes ongoing monitoring by SA Ambulance Service so an ambulance can be contacted in an emergency at the touch of a button.

Payment options are monthly, quarterly or annually in advance by cash, cheque, credit card, direct debit or BPay.


Purchase of unit:         $380 (unit includes under-phone unit with microphone and speaker, standard pendant and Emergency Medical Information Booklet)

Monitoring:                  $29.70 per month

Installation:                  $126.50

A qualified technician will carry out the Call Direct installation.


Unit rental:                   $16.50 per month
Monitoring:                  $29.70 per month
Total cost:                    $46.20 per month

Which payment option is best?

If you think you will have Call Direct for more than 24 months, the purchase option is best. If you rent the unit, after 24 months you would have paid enough to purchase it. In the long-term you will save by purchasing the unit up front.

Personal alert system rebate scheme

You may be eligible for a personal alert systems rebate. For additional information and to determine your eligibility please visit or call 1300 700 169.

How do I join?

General enquiries. Email or call our Customer Service Centre on 1300 13 62 72.


Mail. Download the application form and mail this to us with your credit card details, money order or cheque. Applications must be sent to:

Call Direct
GPO Box 3
South Australia 5001


Pay in person. Download the application form and complete payment via BPAY, credit card, cheque or money order. Accounts can also be paid by direct debit (bank account or credit card) or come into our Head Office at 216 Greenhill Road, Eastwood.


Pay online. Online payment will soon be available. 

Extra Information

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