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Rural Property Addressing Project

The Rural Property Addressing Project is a joint State and Local Government initiative aimed at providing all occupied rural properties in South Australia with a nationally consistent numbered address. Many properties are currently located on un-named roads, requiring the property owner to rely on local knowledge and reference points among emergency services personnel (and service providers like vets and livestock officers) to find their property. Descriptions of property location are often confusing leading to time loss and frustration. The Rural Property Addressing Project is aimed at ending that confusion and ambiguity.

For an explanation of the new Rural Property Addressing Project and approximate timelines for implementation click here.

Emergency services staff can download a fact sheet here.

Rural road maps and address location

As part of the Rural Property Addressing Project, the names of rural roads are currently being reviewed by Local Councils and the State Government. The aim is to ensure that all formed public roads have a unique name. As a result, there are many new road names and a number of road names and/or their extent have changed. A public rural road map is created for each Council area as the review is finalised. The maps reflect the latest official road name for public and emergency service agencies use.

Local rural road maps are published on the Land Services website as they become officially available.

A rural address can be located using the Property Assist website - key in the full address details as prompted.

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