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How and when does SAAS advertise vacanices?

We advertise on both the Government of South Australia employment job board IWORKFORSA and the SA Health Careers employment job board.

SA Ambulance Service conducts major recruitment campaigns for its key operational roles. These are usually advertised annually and are open for 2-3 weeks.

We conduct major campaigns for the following roles:

Emergency Medical Dispatch Officers

Patient Transfer Officers

Paramedic – Interns

For support and administrative roles, and for specialised roles at MedSTAR, we advertise using the same employment job boards.  These roles are generally open for two weeks.

Information and detailed instructions will always be provided on the job boards describing the role on offer, special conditions and other general information about the position.

For our major campaigns, you will be able to download Frequently Asked Questions. It is important you read through them and undertand what you need to do to submit your application.

There is always high demand for our roles. If you choose to apply please ensure you follow all the instructions provided and lodge your application prior to the closing date. We do not accept late applications for large scale campaigns; it is your responsibility to lodge your application within the set timeframe.


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